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Fill-Air® Flow

Millennium Packaging is the Authorized Master Distributor of the Fill-Air® Flow Inflatable Packaging System.



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Fill-Air® Flow Specifications


Compact Unit- Designed to mount to a wall or optional table top clamp mount stand.
Universal power electrical adapters for any Global Supply Need
Two Fill Choices:
High fill = 11 bags per minute
Low fill = 20 bags per minute
Reusable film bags: Insert Straw to deflate. Re-inflate by blowing air over valve opening.
Simple installation and no maintenance costs.

Roll Size & Information

333′ per roll of 10″ x 8″ perforated bags. 500 bags per roll
10 Fully inflated bags = 1 cube feet
1 FLOW roll = 3.57 14CF Bags of Loose fill


On Demand packaging
Allows customer right size packaging options for low volume user.
With minimal footprint, customers can re-purpose space for profit generation.
Improve Customer Cash Flow
Enhances customer experience with right size demand. As well as fulfillment capabilities similar to large distribution/fulfillment channels.

4 Feature System Operation

On/Off Control Sensor – Swipe hand over sensor repeatedly for amount of bags needed.
(1 swipe = 1 bag, 2 swipes = 2 bags)
100 Bag Batch Feature- Hold hand over control sensor for 3 sec., system counts and inflates 100 bags.
Fill Amount button- touch for high or low from bag to bag inflation.
Tether Auto Replenishment – When retracted, produces up to 3 feet of bags before seen by photo eye to stop production.

Sealed Air Products are Environmentally Sound

Cubic Feet Saved

One roll of Fill-Air® bags can save 49.6 cubic feet while providing 500 inflated bags!

Sealed Air is proud to partner with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and its how2recycle program.
Our Fill-Air® Flow qualify for the new local store drop off category with collection points located nationwide.
Visit how2recycle.info for more information.

single roll


Get the same amount of void fill using a fraction of the storage space. One roll of Fill-Air® bags can save 49.6 cubic feet while providing 500 inflated bags. 1 Roll of Fill-Air® inflatable bags provides the same amount of void fill as 3.57 large bags of peanuts. Packing peanuts are not only inefficient in the amount of space they use, but also in the mess they create. The Fill-Air Flow provides a seamless void fill solution that won’t require clean-up.



Fill-Air® Flow meets the requirements for SPI recycle code “4” and can be introduced into the LDPE recycle stream. The materials used are highly desirable by downstream recycling converters and readily used in blown film and injection molding operations.

In this recent interview, Millennium Packaging President John Tyrrell describes Fill Air Flow, our new air pillow product that helps small businesses send packages at a lower cost and with less environmental impact than using packing peanuts.

John recounts how the product was developed and shares why the machine producing the pillows now costs far less than previous models.

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